Drawing Performance

Communion (2016)

A collective performance drawing.

Dur: Approx. 6hours (4hours drawing, 2 hours cutting).

Performed at DRAW TO PERFORM3: International Symposium of Drawing Performances on 30 July 2016, Crows Nest Gallery, London UK.

An intricate drawing made up of fine coloured lines was laboriously created by the artist, after which, with the artist watching, audience were invited to cut out a part of the drawing however they wanted and to stick the cut out piece onto an adjacent wall.

Looking at the dynamics in collaborations, this work contemplates on how much do we hold on to and let go of in order to allow the new and unexpected to happen. At the same time, the work acknowledges that creation and destruction are one continuous cycle of making.

Photography by Lefteris Savva and Justin Fung.