CV + Statement



Drawing is at the core of my artistic practice, which involves creating two dimensional, sequential, performative and site specific work. My practice explores what drawing can be and focuses on the performative aspect of drawing, where process is as much a part of the work as the end result. I am curious in areas of life that are less defined. Themes of ritual, liminality, transcendence and the relationship between self and others are subjects of interest.

I often liken my way of drawing to a musician improvising with an instrument but playing lines instead of notes. My drawings are often created without a preconceived trajectory, but by being open to uncertainty and focusing on exploration and instinct, each line is drawn as a way to navigate the unknown. My drawings are aimless wanderings, “purposeless” like how the Taoist would describe nature, but spawn from deep within.

My practice heavily involves drawing in live settings usually for periods between 4-6 hours nonstop, therefore bringing notions of time, space (inner and outer), body and movement to the fore. I am interested in sharing an unfolding, something coming into being. This long durational practice resembles a meditative ritual, allowing the perception of time to distort, the self to be in the present moment, and a chance to trace the unknown.


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Makers of the Multiverse by Juneau Projects; Spacex, Exeter, UK

Draw the Line; Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK

Radical Love: Female Lust; Crypt Gallery, London, UK


Un Festival Vrrr; Musée d'Art, Toulon, France

The Space between the Lines; 139 Artspace, London, UK (SOLO SHOW)

COLOUR (part of Plymouth Art Weekender); Studio 102, Plymouth, UK

Draw to Perform3: International Symposium of Drawing Performance; Curated by Ram Samocha; Crows Nest Gallery, London, UK

Duration & Dialogue Performance Arts Festival; Curated by Natasha Bailey, Dario Del Daga and Johannes Zits; Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, Canada


Toys (Are Us); Curated by Kosha Hussain; Crypt Gallery, London, UK

Draw to Perform 2: International Symposium for Drawing Performance; Curated by Ram Samocha; NUMBER3, London, UK


Guerrilla Zoo's Modern Panic V; Curated by James Elphick; Apiary Studios, London, UK


Bad Behaviour presents...chART; Brixton East, London, UK

Zeitgeist Art Projects Summer Exhibition; London, UK

21 Artists: London (also exhibited as part of RE:Think Festival); 3Space's Blackfriars Hub, London, UK

I am. Interrupted (part of One Billion Rising UK Art Festival); Curated by Kosha Hussain; The Doodle Bar, Battersea, London, UK


Seeing in the Dark; Curated by Paula MacArthur; The Fletcher Centre, Rye, UK

ALAS Autumn Residency 2012 Exhibition; Matt Roberts Arts, London, UK

It came from the East; House of Vostrovska Gallery, London, UK


Manifestation171210 Performance (as part of Barbican Late Christmas Bazaar); Barbican, London, UK



Sensorium Art Show at Affect & Social Media3.0 Conference, curated by Todd Dean and Mikey Georgeson, University of East London, UK

Deadends enactment at The Deadends – A celebration of a made-up culture, curated by Mikey Georgeson, Studio One Gallery, London, UK

‘La Collection Secrète #2’ performance art event, organised by Kubilai Khan Investigations in partnership with Théâtre des Salins in Martigues, France


2005   BA Computer Visualisation & Animation (Bournemouth University): 1st class honour
2001    MEng Computer Science (Bristol University): completed 1st year


2017     Summer Lodge; Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK

2016     Play Ground; John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, UK

             Study Week devised by Jesse Darling; Wysing Arts Centre, UK

2012     ALAS Autumn Residency; Matt Roberts Arts, London, UK


2017     Winner of Draw the Line Open Exhibition at Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK; Awarded solo show

2014     A-N Artist Company New Collaborations Bursary


Hong Kong born British Chinese artist, Bettina Fung (Chinese name: 馮允珊 Fung Wan Shan) was originally trained in computer animation at Bournemouth University (NCCA), where her animated short Sushi was screened at exhibitions and festivals in the UK and Australia. She has since worked as a video editor and now fully dedicates herself with her artistic practice.

Bettina has exhibited throughout London, South East England and abroad. She was a recipient of the a-n Artist Information Company's New Collaborations Bursary in 2014 and was the winner of the Draw the Line Open Exhibition at Surface Gallery in Nottingham, UK in April 2017.

Past collaborations include Strange Factories – an immersive feature film produced by FoolishPeopleHow to Kill Bears – a comic anthology published by Disconnected Press and the Cock No.7 art collective fanzine (2010 - 2011), where one of the issues was selected and included in Tate Britain’s Rude Britannia exhibition in summer 2010. The collective also organised art events, one of which was held at the Barbican in 2010.