Drawing Performance

The space between the lines (2016)

A site specific drawing performance in two parts.

During the drawing performance the window display of 139 Artspace was transformed into a site of making. The resulted creations were on display as part of the exhibition.

Part 1: Technicolour (Dur: 6 hours)

Performed on 3 Septeber 2016.

Part 1 focuses on creation out of nothingness.

Part 2: Confetti (Dur: 3 hours)

Performed on 8 October 2016.

Part 2 approached destruction as a form of creative act. The artist removed by hand, partially or completely, the lines drawn from Part 1, therefore making new marks. She then transformed the black back wall to white by mark making with large marker pens and acrylic paint applied by hand.

Photographs courtesy of Andre LL, Debbie Nathan and Justin Fung.