Drawing Performance

I am tired with you (2018)

A little more of less of me.
A little less of: I want... I should... I must...

A little more of a slower pace.
A little less of: rushing... chasing... racing...

I am tired.
Join me on the paper + do nothing with me?

Time to change pace + discover our own rhythms.
We are not machines.


- Bettina Fung, Invitation to participate

Collective live monoprinting act/Performance drawing.

Performed at Liminal Mass Performance Night on 1 February 2018 at Bow Arts, London, UK.

Duration: 1 hour 30mins

A large scale and collective monoprinting act that questions our competitive, goal oriented and achievement obsessed tendencies and contemplates the value of non-doing.  Bettina spent time and “did nothing” on a large blank sheet of paper with a layer of ink underneath. Audience were invited to join her on the paper.


Photography by Justin Fung.