Drawing Performance

I am tired with you (2018)

A little more of less of me.
A little less of: I want... I should... I must...

A little more of a slower pace.
A little less of: rushing... chasing... racing...

I am tired.
Join me on the paper + do nothing with me?

Time to change pace + discover our own rhythms.
We are not machines.


- Bettina Fung, Invitation to participate

Collective live monoprinting act/Performance drawing.

Originally performed at Liminal Mass Performance Night on 1 February 2018 at Bow Arts, London, UK; adapted versions performed at Imprints of Passing Time, Surface Gallery, Nottingham UK in 2018 and Art Central HK in Hong Kong 2019.

Duration: 1 hour 30mins

A large scale and collective monoprinting act that questions our competitive, goal oriented and achievement obsessed tendencies and contemplates the value of non-doing.  Bettina spent time and “did nothing” on a large blank sheet of paper with a layer of ink underneath. Audience were invited to join her on the paper.

This performance has been adapted and performed at Imprints of Passing Time, Bettina’s solo exhibition at Surface Gallery in May 2018. Documentation could be found here.


Photography by Justin Fung.