Drawing Performance

Towards All & Nothing (2019)

Performance drawing.

Performed as part of Being Present: performative response to Speech Acts Exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery on 6 March 2019; also performed at SEA Currents Festival at Raven Row, London UK on 8 March 2019, Young Blood Initiative’s The Infinite Wheel of Time exhibition, London UK on 6 July 2019 and at Eastside Projects, Birmingham UK on 2 August 2019.

Duration: 50mins

The artist continuously draws a large circle around her with graphite in one movement and subsequently erases it. She does this 26 times after which she gathers the rubber shavings to form a point on the spot where the centre of the circle once was. Using the simple gestures of drawing and erasing, the artist contemplates on legacy and disappearance, the significance of holding on to and letting go of, what remains and what is lost. This work is a tribute to the artists Li Yuan Chia, drawing from his life, his concept of all and nothing and the point as the origin and end of creation. Each circle marks a year of Li’s life spent in Cumbria, where he remained until his death in 1994. The repetitive action enables a kind of remembering, remembering Li Yuan Chia, connecting to him in another point in time.

Photography by Andrew Brooks, courtesy of Manchester Art Gallery.