Drawing Performance

3 6 5 (2017)

Live monoprinting/Performance drawing.

Performed at Young Blood Initiative’s [IN]sane: Altered states of mind exhibition, 23 September 2017, London, UK.

Dur: 40mins

365 questions the idea of progress and is created by the artist walking in circles 365 times on a sheet of paper with a layer of block printing ink underneath.

Pairing Earth’s revolution around the sun with modernity’s desire to sprint away from the old and towards the new, this piece reflects on the current culture of immediacy, the 24/7 access, the instant updates and the need to work faster and faster and do more and more, and considers this charging forward to the point of exhaustion as a kind of madness.

This performance was performed again at Imprints of Passing Time, Bettina’s solo exhibition at Surface Gallery in May 2018. Documentation could be viewed here.

Photography by Justin Fung and Naz Brown.