Comics / Sequential Drawings

Bettina has grown up with comics. This section contains her exploration into integrating this art form into her art practice, which has always been her interest.

Art Statement (2014)

An art statement is not a monument but something that undergoes continuous changes. Over time my interest might change or I would gain new insights into what I was doing or learn how to articulate some things better. It remains an arduous task for me, but I welcome this task, as each time I rewrite it forces me to really think about what I am doing with my work, which could at times lead to re-evaluating my life, and perhaps it is because of this that makes writing these things rather daunting for me.

It was during one of these rewrites that I became frustrated with words. The difficulty lies in finding the right words to compliment and add another level of understanding of the work and the danger of misusing words that might deem too analytical and hence kill the “magic” and mystery, which are, for me, the soul of the work. Anyway I got bored one day and thought why not try and make a comic about writing art statements and also about my work. I like the idea of integrating comic into my fine art practice so this was what I came up with.

April 2014