Process, to Bettina, is as much a part of the art work as the end result. Interested in sharing an unfolding, Bettina often starts her performance from nothing, a blank space or piece of paper and allowing something to come into being within this nothingness over time. Her live art practice is motivated by drawing, where she utilises the performative aspect of drawing as a way to focus on being.  Her live acts therefore encourage her to challenge what drawing can be.   

Often likened her way of drawing to a musician improvising with an instrument, Bettina draws without a preconceived plan, marking down each line as a means to encounter and navigate the unknown. She considers her drawings as aimless wanderings and “purposeless” like how the Taoist would describe nature, but spawn from deep within. This practice has led her to collaborate with musicians, notably her collaboration with Nico Morcillo and drawing at recordings, live events and jam sessions, thus adding another dimension to her practice.

Bettina’s performances are often long durational, where she draws for long periods of time between 4-6 hours nonstop.  This long durational practice resembles a ritual or meditation, allowing the perception of time to distort and the self to be in the present moment.

Please find examples of Bettina's live work below: